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    Beyond Opioids is a statewide project led by Center for Arkansas Legal Services (CALS) and Legal Aid of Arkansas (Legal Aid) focused on providing FREE attorneys to Arkansans struggling with substance use disorder (SUD) in the family and needing assistance in civil, not criminal, matters.

  • Call our VIP Line at 479-239-9048

    A person whose family is struggling with substance use disorder (SUD) may be eligible to receive a free attorney in civil matters. Call our VIP Line to apply.

  • CALS and Legal Aid are the two legal aid programs in Arkansas helping clients achieve financial stability, safe and affordable housing, consumer protection, and a stable family life through civil legal assistance for over fifty years. Together they help in the following matters and more.

    Family Law

    • Divorce

    • Orders of Protection

    • Guardianship

    • Custody and Visitation


    • Eviction Defense

    • Housing Discrimination

    • Foreclosure

    • Landlord/Tenant Dispute

    Consumer Protection

    • Criminal Record Sealing

    • Bankruptcy

    • Tax Controversies

    • Scams

    Public Benefit

    • Medicaid / Medicare

    • SNAP

    • Employment Issues

    • Education

  • To learn about a complete list of services that each law firm provides, please visit their websites. Eligible clients can receive help from a free attorney by calling 479-239-9048 directly or through a partner referral.

    In addition to staff attorneys, Beyond Opioids’ is supported by a consortium of SUD providers to ensure that our clients receive the prevention, treatment, and recovery services that they need for better legal and health outcomes.


    The project launched on 1 September 2020, funded by Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) under its “Rural Communities Opioid Response Program (RCORP)” program. RCORP is a multi-year initiative that addresses barriers to treatment for substance use disorder (SUD), including opioid use disorder (OUD).


  • Partner Resources

    ALL substance use disorder (SUD) service providers in Arkansas are welcome and strongly encouraged to refer their patients and clients to Beyond Opioids who need but can’t afford an attorney in civil matters.

    To join Beyond Opioids as a consortium member, contact:

    Helen Gratil
    Project Director
    (479) 326-7027

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    Call 479-239-9048 to access our services.


    Partners and Media

    To join Beyond Opioids as a consortium member or all other questions regarding the project, contact:

    Helen Gratil
    Project Director
    (479) 326-7027